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About Us

The creative light bulb turned on early February 2009 where the Pink Sumo was conceived. Fast forward eight months and Pink Sumo was ready to go live.

Welcome. We at Pink Sumo have scoured the seven seas to find you the best in gifts, gadgets, and unique novelties all under £10. (errr in case you haven't noticed.....this has changed. We couldnt just sit twiddling our thumbs seeing such cool creations pass us by and not sell them just because they cost us a little more. And so we now stock gifts over £10 that are just too great not to have.) That means each and every product on our site will cost you no more than £10. (Seriously.... did you not just read what we just wrote......we still are great for giving you value for money) So lets re-cap: Lots of great gifts under £10.....and lots more over £10 too. (Why did we bring this whole £10 thing up in the first place and just rewrite the 'about us' text? Oh well)

Looking for the perfect gift is no easy task, so we took it upon ourselves to find the best products without breaking the bank. They say its only the thought that counts (they say it but they don't mean it), we believe attaching a gift to that thought goes a lot further.

We then ensure that shopping for them is easy and quick, that the prices are as keen as we can make them, and that they are delivered to you in perfect condition.

If we do something wrong, we'll fix it fast, and make sure it doesn't happen again. If we'd never made any mistakes we wouldn't be as good as we are now, and nor would we be so good at fixing them! The only reason we're here is for our customers, and we never forget that..